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Market Penetration Strategy in A Mature Market

According to Wikipedia, “a market is mature when it has reached a state of equilibrium. A market is considered to be in a state of equilibrium when there is an absence of significant growth, or a lack of innovation. When supply matches demand the price decided by the market forces of demand and supply is called equilibrium price”.

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The Pitfalls of Performance Management

You feel that you have done everything that needs to be done as far as employee performance management is concerned. But you still sense something is amiss. Employees are still unmotivated; there seems to be no incentive for them to perform better. Above all they view performance evaluation as a chore that has little to do with their daily responsibilities.

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Desired Characteristics of Strategic Initiatives

“Strategic initiatives represent the force that accelerates an organisational mass into action, overcoming inertia and resistance to change. Strategic initiatives are the collection of finite-duration discretionary projects and programs, outside the organisation’s day-to-day operational activities, that are designed to help the organisation achieve its targeted performance” – Kaplan and Norton

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Staff Innovation Program – My Hypothesis

As a simple definition, Staff Innovation Program can be defined as a structured conducive working environment for the staff which inculcate a productive and innovative culture throughout the organisation. Staff Innovation Program is expected to enhance happiness, staff satisfaction and productivity of the workforce through innovation.

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